Live events of recent date; Red Square & Current 93

As part of Red Square;
Red Square Railway poster

As part of Current 93;

C93 poster for Union Chapel

The Red Square gig wasn’t quite as sold out as the Current 93 one!

A brace of photos from the Union Chapel, the first by Pier Corona, and the second by Noel Darcy;

Jon Seagroatt @ Union Chapel

Bobbie Watson, Jon Seagroatt & Andrew Liles at the Union Chapel

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the Duffs

I’ve finally got round to adding a separate page to this blog for the Duffs, including more audio examples. Part Blockheads, part Talking Heads, the Duffs delivered an unstoppable dance vibe on gigs……..

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An outing with Comus

After rehearsals with Comus, Waiting For Ray and the Psychedelic Raiders this week, the next gig is at the Assembly Hall, Islington with Comus on Saturday 21st;

comus poster

Tickets are still available from WeGotTickets, and there’s a Book of Face event page lurking in the Internet undergrowth right here.

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‘Thin Coat’ by the Duffs

Amongst all the metaphorical loose change, bus tickets, dead wasps etc. that I found down the back of the external hard-drive cushions whilst looking for some of the photos / audio for this blog, I found the little gem below. It’s a recording of ‘Thin Coat’ by the Duffs, a fantastic Oxfordshire-based band that I joined in the late ’80s.

The other three members of the band, Peter Franklin (vocals, guitars), Ian Staples (bass) and Pete Gardner (drums) all lived on narrowboats around Banbury. I would drive up from Southend-on-Sea for rehearsals and gigs in a fantastically decrepit, hand-painted, long-wheelbase Transit that burned oil at such a rate that I had to stop every so often and top up the reservoir.

This recording was made by the legendary and greatly-missed Richard Haynes at Dungeon Studio in Ascott-under-Wychwood.

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a tidying up…….

Hello, and a very cordial welcome to my new blog / website.

I  like the WordPress way of doing things, so I’ve decided to ‘migrate’ my old website to here, and, as it wafts gently past in the ether, I thought that I’d take the opportunity to plump up the cushions, run a duster the over the window sills, and tidy up the pages and content……..

I’m still not sure about site architecture, but I’ve decided to assign pages to my various musical outings, aliases and involvements both by name and active dates. If the date bracket is open, the project is still active. If the date bracket has ‘from / to’ dates it’s a ‘resting’ project.

I think (hope) that makes sense!

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