Waiting For Ray ( 2010 – 2015)

All tidy…….

Waiting For Ray @ AKA

Jon Seagroatt: tenor sax.
John Calcutt: guitar.
Gary McFarlin: guitar.
Colin Myers or Ray Bailey: bass.
Lee Smith or Benny Benko: drums.

Waiting For Ray was a head-banging fusion band.

Sadly, there are no audio examples available, as we never seemed to settle on what to record……!

WfR covered songs by Mike Stern, Frank Zappa, Dave Weckl, Pat Metheney, Joe Satriani and Jaga Jazzist, as well as playing band originals. All of WfR’s charts were in impossible keys and densely forested with 16th notes.

An excellent ‘chops’ band, enormous fun to do, with great players.