upcomings to which I will be ongoing(s)………number two: Villa Manuela Festival

What a flurry of postettes flow from my busily typing two fingers. No – wait – I’ve just counted. Make that four fingers. Two on each hand; left little and middle fingers and right index and middle…..

Number two in a series of (so far) two is the next outing for the gelflings and werewolves of Comus. We’ll be gracing the stage at this year’s Villa Manuela Festival, Madrid in October. As with Incubate, Villa Manuela features a host of interesting things and stuff, most of which I’ll probably have to miss.

Here’s the very flyer of which we are yet to speak. Clicking on it’s person will deliver you into the cornucopia that is the Festival website…….

Jon Seagroatt Comus Villa Manuela Festival

OK. That’s me done with posts for a bit, you’ll be pleased to hear.


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