Red Square album launch day: the queuing begins…..



posehaemost-2 A queue forms outside a record store earlier today

For those of you who tend towards physicality as opposed to aethereality as your chosen medium of music buying, and who also have a penchant for the archeology of ground-breaking 1970s experimental avant-metal / free improv / shredding mash-ups – or who wish to develop a penchant for the same – Guerssen Records are today releasing ‘Red Square: Rare & lost 70s Recordings‘ upon an expectant world in both 12″ vinyl and CD formats.
The album contains tracks from a 1976 concert recording and from the last known Red Square rehearsal session in 1978.
You can buy copies in all good record stores (if you can find one, that is), or direct from Guerssen themselves: vinyl or compact disc.
If, on the other hand, you’d like to add to the 50 TBs of mp3s already on your iPod, or…

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4 thoughts on “Red Square album launch day: the queuing begins…..

    1. It is indeed. It was nice to be asked by Rosalie. Kerrang gave the album a five star review, but managed somehow to credit my sax and flute parts to someone else entirely! Hey ho.


  1. Dear Jon

    Are some or all of the recent ” rare and lost recordings” to be found on the Red Square FMR release from a few years ago? If I recall correctly the Lindesfarne Hall gig also featured Henry Cow. Jolly good it was too.


    1. Hi John,

      There is indeed some overlap between the two recordings. We chose the tracks for the earlier FMP album as a band, but the ‘rare and lost’ selections were chosen by Steve Krakow on behalf of Guerssen Records.
      The Lindisfarne gig did indeed feature HC as headliners, and even after all these years (and many gigs later) it still ranks as one of my personal favourite outings! Jon


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