I’ll have to think of something a bit more snappy or interesting to say here instead of a simple ‘hello, and thanks for dropping over’, but right at this moment, I’m stumped, so – for the time being;

Hello, and thanks for dropping over.

OK. Ok. I’ll work on it. Inspiration’s bound to strike, isn’t it? When it does, this will become a homepage by which others are judged. People will marvel at it. They will in their turn bring their children and grandchildren to marvel at it. And thus this future homepage will pass down the annals of time and achieve the mythic status of a legend.

In the meantime, before all that happens, the menu above is hopefully both self-explanatory and full of merry, fruitful paths of dalliance.

Have I said ‘hello and thanks for dropping over’, yet by the way…?

Oh. Yes. So I have.