Blowing Turmeric Off The Gravel

The band for which I wrote these tunes broke up before we got round to playing Blowing Turmeric Off The Gravel.

Once again, it’s essentially a standard form tune – intro, couple of times round the head, solos, reprise of head. The solo section I divided between the sax in the first part and a much rockier second solo for one of the band’s two guitarists, John Calcutt, who is an ace stunt guitarist (as he once described himself).

As usual, bear in mind that I intentionally wrote these tunes as rough drafts amenable to  input from the other band members.

The sax solo section runs through some nice changes, so it’s another good  challenge!

Blowing Turmeric was recorded at 115 bpm.

The key signature is G (for C instruments), A (for Bb instruments), E (for Eb instruments).

The structure is: 112 bar rhythm section intro / head x 2 / A & B solo sections / head x 1 (reprise).

If you’d like to play Blowing Turmeric yourself, you can buy a ‘playalong’ pack for £2 on Bandcamp:

The pack consists of;

  • the guide mp3 track (with guide sax)
  • the ‘minus one’ (no sax) mp3 backing track
  • an mp3 of the solo section looped (repeated) four times for soloing practise
  • a single solo section for use in DAWs and looper apps & pedals
  • the lead sheet in Bb, Eb & C versions, (including scale choice suggestions for the solo sections)

Here’s the Bb version of the score with the audio:

NB. For Eb alto and baritone sax players the notes are all a fourth lower. 

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