Old Skool

Old Skool is a short (and sweet) groover. There’s a bit of hi-wire work for tenor players (long held top G, for example), but it’s straightforward enough otherwise. Alto players can relax – you’re all playing it all a 4th lower!

The solo section moves through three key centres, and as usual I’ve indicated good safe scale choices for soloing, but – once again – do experiment!

Old Skool was recorded at 140 bpm.

The key signatures are F & D (for C instruments), G & E (for Bb instruments), D & B (for Eb instruments).

The structure is: 6 bar intro /  head x 2 / solo section x 2 / head (and a bit!).

If you’d like to play Old Skool yourself, you can buy a ‘playalong’ pack for £2 on Bandcamp:

The pack consists of;

  • the guide mp3 track (with guide sax)
  • the ‘minus one’ (no sax) mp3 backing track
  • an mp3 of the solo section looped (repeated) four times for soloing practise
  • a single solo section for use in DAWs and looper apps & pedals
  • printable lead sheets in Bb, Eb & C versions, (including scale choice suggestions for the solo sections)

Here’s the Eb version of the score with the audio:

NB. For Bb tenor and soprano sax players the notes are all a fourth higher. 

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